About Us

Financial Planning 4 Life says it all. We are able to help you no matter where you are in life cradle to beyond the grave. A financial lifeline when in need and a leader and guide when things are going well.

Maybe what you really need to know is that Steve is different from most and is driven to help people…but not everyone. You have to be a nice person in my eyes! that means, honest, open, ethical and willing to engage in conversation that tells me about you….not just the numbers. Advice that only deals with the numbers and which does not take into account how you got to your current position from an influence perspective is not likely to fit you. Rather, lets drill down to the real you and build up a picture that allows the goals and dreams to envisioned with your history and emotions behind it. Solutions may be the same from a money aspect yet we will both have a better feeling around the journey and have a stronger basis for sticking with the plan.

Steve loves Freedom. Demonstrated outwardly by his love for riding his motorbike and driving his red car…yes, has to be red for a 2 door coupe. That freedom extends to mental freedom and also into cooking where recipes are merely a starting point and not to be followed blindly. Creativity in the kitchen and elsewhere! So, Steve likes real people with real issues that can be positively influenced or fixed by him or his team of professionals. Now for the usual boring bits….

Steve has been in the industry for a long time with over 25yrs of experience in financial services and stays up to date on legislation and things that affect his clients.

As a Financial Planner Steve has experience in most aspects of dealing with financial issues.  He has decided to offer specialist services in Self Managed Super Funds (from establishment to compliance); Aged Care; Business Succession and Estate Planning. In each area he has sound knowledge and trusted strategies to make a significant difference.  Especially now the superannuation rules have changed so much from July 2017.

Often he finds that one area of advice crosses over another and influences outcomes which need to be addressed simultaneously. Like ripples on a pond when pebbles are dropped in – those ripples spread out and crossover one another and get confused. Steve can smooth the water again with skills and knowledge yet always keep you the focus of attention. (think of each pebble is an area of your life)

You are not charged for the first meeting as this gives us all a chance to assess one another and make the call at no cost beyond time. It is recognised that personality is very important and first meetings can often answer the question of trust.  Steve doesn’t want to deal with everyone – only those who are nice people and who have a problem he can rectify and where there is mutual respect.

All advice is given in writing and an appropriate fee will be charged for that advice.

Ongoing service is also fee based and we will agree on your personal road map and establish specific items to be addressed at specific times. Fees are scaled according to the complexity of the advice. Bottom line, we feel offer value. You’re the judge on that one.

Steve is an accredited Specialist SMSF Advisor through the SMSF Association.  He is a former Certified Financial Planner, which is a mark sadly owned by the Financial Planning Association and upon resignation from that organisation, the post nominal was lost.  Steve is happy with this, though, as he feels that the FPA have been influenced too strongly by the banks and big institutions and lost sight of the rest of the advisers.

Financial Planning 4 Life is owned by Steve’s family trust and the Australian Financial Services Licence he operates under is owned by the advisers and not an institution.   The Approved Product List is very broad and accommodating and no investment commissions are received as a result of placing business with a particular organisation or fund.   Brokerage or commissions are accepted for life insurance business unless the client would rather pay a fee in which case the price of the insurance reduces and no commission or brokerage is received.