Have you experienced the freedom of riding a motorbike? Exhilaration of acceleration… sensation of speed and gravity – when braking hard. It is one step closer to the line between enjoyment and getting hurt. Somehow the risk is worthwhile and the stats are just for everyone else who has no idea of what its like to ride.
The machine doesn’t have to be powerful (although it does enhance the experience!) Its about the whole mystique and in many cases, telling the world that you are a bit of a rebel and certainly an individual.
Smells of the environment cannot be filtered or avoided…its real. Poor surfaces are not just annoying… they are a danger. Navigating them successfully means you are safer… and feel more skilled.
Riding a bike teaches great co-ordination, awareness and observation, hand/eye/foot control and overcoming fears. Yes, the first time I really felt scared was on my first bike aged17. A roundabout approached at speed too high ….leaning over beyond what I felt was safe…yet there was no choice. That or the kerb and wall of a building. Yes, fear was there.. and adrenalin was there immediately afterwards which puts the grin from ear to ear and makes the blood course through your veins. Yes, shaking is inevitable.
Yet to overcome that fear in an instant… experience the speed of decision. Survival vs a painful alternative. Wow!
That experience has not gone away…. Scratching on a bend…. Popping a small wheelie…a howling front tyre…the sound of the engine as it revs to the redline. If that excites you as much as it does me…welcome to a part of my life. If not, sobeit….its not for everyone… remember, life is an individual path … few stay on the same one… other pathways open up…. Like …..flying! that is another story.