The power of One
Have you ever thought just how powerful you are?
I feel we are surrounded by so much criticism and negativity that we have been programmed to dumb down our own power. Why?
I don’t know why it might be a government/supra gvernment idea yet I do know too many people feel helpless in making changes and becoming more of the their true selves.
As a powerful person so many things open up – the biggest is the falling away for unreasonable fears. That is probably the all encompassing reason why we are so mediocre in our Western lives… why relationships fail, jobs become boring, why we desire so many “things” and have lost the true value of being Human.
Every one of us has a huge influence on our lives and our world… more than anything or anyone else … simply because we are capable of making every decision every day, hour, minute, second, nano-second. What do I mean by this I hear you ask..(hopefully!) I mean that we can allow ourselves the freedom to make every decision based on information that we seek out or which is hurled at us via media and those around us. We don’t have to be a conformist in every part of our lives. Neither do we have to be a disrupter in every part of our lives. We can be ourselves.
If I choose to accept information as correct and act accordingly then I have taken a decision. On the other hand, if I choose to question that information and seek further input, that too is a decision. Whereas if I just accept without thought I am doing myself a disservice and also closing down my options and become dumber. After all, every important decision has an impact on the direction of our lives and those around us.
So, question when you see/hear media on any subject that matters to you. Find what the real information is rather than just accept.
By taking this route, you are empowering yourself and yes, you, can have a positive influence on the matter and share your research and views. The power of one person is significant – just think Ghandi, Jesus, Martin Luther King, Churchill, dare I say Hitler… yes you can be powerful in the evil/negative sense too, but I truly urge against it.
What decision have you made today that could have benefited from a question or two beforehand? Would it have made a difference? It might be a decision not to do something and that can be equally influential on your life and others around you. EG not talking to your partner/kids because you felt grumpy…. Changes the relationship for some and yet the opposite decision can change our morning and theirs.
Not talking to everyone about your difficulties and therefore not bringing them down in the process is a good decision! Choosing to smile and acknowledge a stranger in the street as you walk by is a good decision with unknown impact. Take control of every decision and feel the most awesome power of one…. You.
Are you feeling empowered to be the Wind in your Life or would you rather remain as the Leaf and let others be the Wind?
Ask Steve how you might explore change…..