I was just reminded about why I sell life insurance….since 1990 I have been doing just that on a small scale. Having read an article by a fellow in the USA called Ryan Pinney where he talks about his take on current life insurance trends and his feeling of being a life insurance salesman.

His last line of the article was excellent – “People hear that you’re in insurance sales and I say, yes, I sell insurance. But that’s a by-product of what I do. What I really do is protect families. That’s the most noble profession in the world, in my opinion.”

An old sweat of the industry once said a similar thing when I started out and you know what? It is a proud thing that I do and when I pay a trauma or death claim, it is bitter-sweet. Bitter that a client and most often a friend too, has suffered a tragedy, but sweet that there is now money to pay off the debt and fund ongoing income. Nobody else does that.

So, it you want your family or business protected, Ask Steve for advice. We deal with many insurers and contracts and quite often can save famillies a lot of money by tailoring the policies to their needs.

recently, a client reviewed everything and it was decided to re-jig his insurances. the result was a cost reduction of $2000pa and a much better policy for income protection whilst keeping his death and disability in place at sensible sums insured. He was happy.

it doesn’t matter where you live in Australia, full advice can be provided to you by phone email and skype.