Have a look at this article….its data from 1942 up until 2003 yet goes back to 1952 for The Test owing to the explanation in the article….makes sense when you read it.


I am fascinated by this sort of research and consider the possibilities of using this to get a better result for my clients.

Remember I suggested selling down in August/September?  If you had, you would be in a position ahead of many that stayed invested.  Likewise, you will have cash to buy back into the market when you are comfortable.

I am not suggesting that time is now, by the way.  We are certainly going to see more volatility and lower returns than the last few years and my crystal ball is not accurate.

Just have a think about the two make believe investors in the article.

And their assertion about mid – decade returns in the year ending in 5 being positive…2015 the S&P 500 was positive.  Just at 1.17% after dividend reinvestment.

what do you think?


Let me know of your patterns or trends linked to significant repeating events….it will be of interest to me.

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