The new Contributions Limits for superannuation are very low for many people.   For example, you sell an asset or there is a matrimonial split and want to put the lions share into super….you’re limited to the legislated caps.   However, there are several ways to get a good result anyway.

Firstly consider the bring-forward rules of superannuation whereby you use up this years, and the following TWO years non-concessional caps ($180,000/yr) all at once provided you are under age 65.   This means that you can contribute up to $540,000 into superannuation from your capital.  No tax going in.   The other is to access something that is unrestricted in terms of contributions but which has a low internal tax rate, does not affect your personal income tax whilst invested and is accessible at any age without restriction.  it also has wide choice of investments and full control.   You can even transfer it without Capital Gains Tax.   What is it?

Ask Steve!   Ring me on 07 552 99119 or email me at to reveal this wonderful investment option which available at any age and without limits yet in some instances has had an internal tax rate of 15% on earnings – that is the same as superannuation!   Now not all will achieve that as it is historic and there is no guarantee of future performance resulting in that tax rate.  However, if you are on a higher tax rate eg 42% then anything which is generating lower taxes for you and is totally flexible must be worth exploring.

So, whats stopping you from achieving excellent financial savings in a tax shelter?   Nothing!  Ask Steve today.