For those who satisfy the definition of Wholesale Investor  we have an interesting project.

Raising $1.39m for an unlisted Public company with a robust national franchise in the automotive industry (after market) and also in NZ and USA, we wish to allow the right people to invest to gain up to 15% of the overall enterprise.

Fast growth is expected in both their traditional business and a new and exciting related pathway which is not being serviced anywhere in the world with a Warranted product and service.   This is what makes this investment unique and whilst it must be termed as Speculative, for those who have even a slight vision of the business, it is a means to support this well regarded company and take part in the growth.


For more information please call Steve on 0419 552 673 for a copy of documentation.

All potential investors are asked to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement before we can release any details.