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Steve is passionate about helping people on a practical level. He likes solving complex problems and getting better outcomes for clients. He is also heavily involved in local communities through Kiwanis - a community service group dedicated to improving the lives of children and young people throughout the world. He works from home and has a lovely family. Be authentic with Steve to get the best result for you... honest about everything including opinions even if controversial. Steve Likes to ride his motorcycle and drive his car especially when his lovely partner Andrea is with him.

Another view from a conservative fund manager….Feb 2016



The link above is an interesting “muse” on the drivers of the current global position….debt rising appreciably in government and households, commodities bubble bursting, share buy-backs distorting balance sheets and prices plus a view that all is well and will continue to be so.

I like reading this sort of article and hope you will […]

Is there a correlation between share market & US Presidential elections?

Have a look at this article….its data from 1942 up until 2003 yet goes back to 1952 for The Test owing to the explanation in the article….makes sense when you read it.


I am fascinated by this sort of research and consider the possibilities of using this to get a better result for my clients.

Remember […]

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China Syndrome….an article

Hi all,

the following link from Betashares puts some perspective around China and the headlines in all forms of media.

In short, China is still a contributor of around 12% of world GDP despite the slow down.  Yes, this can change rapidly either up or down.


As you will read, the reality is that China is no […]

What is happening now? Is the storm over or just beginning?

With our share markets around the world in decline and certainly volatile, government debt rising (and quantative easing in full flow in Europe and Japan) and in Australia, personal debt rising, what is going on?

You are right to be concerned.  The CEO of the ASX is on record as saying that we have trillions […]

Market Volatility

We are experiencing rather annoying volatility mainly in the wrong direction….but is this based on something systemic or rather an over reaction to noise?

According to Russell Investments, the fundamentals of our market and those of the developed world are still OK.  With Europe down 15% since their high in April, our own market down […]

Planning your estate – some thoughts

One of the things that comes up almost every time I meet with a prospective client, is estate planning.   Or, more to the point, the complete lack of it.

It is interesting that we are very involved in creating a lifestyle all through life and will make time to ensure it happens.  But ensuring […]

State of the Markets

There are many things that cause concern and elation in our various share markets around the world.   Elation when we have placed client money  and the markets go up!  Concern when the do the opposite or threaten to do the opposite.

Right now I feel that we are heading once again for some turbulence. […]

Capital Raising

For those who satisfy the definition of Wholesale Investor  we have an interesting project.

Raising $1.39m for an unlisted Public company with a robust national franchise in the automotive industry (after market) and also in NZ and USA, we wish to allow the right people to invest to gain up to 15% of the overall […]

Most Noble Profession

I was just reminded about why I sell life insurance….since 1990 I have been doing just that on a small scale. Having read an article by a fellow in the USA called Ryan Pinney where he talks about his take on current life insurance trends and his feeling of being a life insurance salesman.

His […]

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Is superannuation restricting you?

The new Contributions Limits for superannuation are very low for many people.   For example, you sell an asset or there is a matrimonial split and want to put the lions share into super….you’re limited to the legislated caps.   However, there are several ways to get a good result anyway.

Firstly consider the bring-forward […]