About Steve Legg

Steve is passionate about helping people on a practical level. He likes solving complex problems and getting better outcomes for clients. He is also heavily involved in local communities through Kiwanis - a community service group dedicated to improving the lives of children and young people throughout the world. He works from home and has a lovely family. Be authentic with Steve to get the best result for you... honest about everything including opinions even if controversial. Steve Likes to ride his motorcycle and drive his car especially when his lovely partner Andrea is with him.

The Power of One?

The power of One
Have you ever thought just how powerful you are?
I feel we are surrounded by so much criticism and negativity that we have been programmed to dumb down our own power. Why?
I don’t know why it might be a government/supra gvernment idea yet I do know too many people feel […]

A different approach to financial advice

There are thousands of advisers in Australia and elsewhere who practice the profession of financial advice. In my experience, most have a similar approach where fact finding is the first step to uncovering several issues and then strategies are built around the financial position to alleviate the issue if not solve it. […]

Who is Steve Legg really?

Have you experienced the freedom of riding a motorbike? Exhilaration of acceleration… sensation of speed and gravity – when braking hard. It is one step closer to the line between enjoyment and getting hurt. Somehow the risk is worthwhile and the stats are just for everyone else who has no idea of […]

Helping people

Helping people – is it important?
I see many people being helped by government to stay alive through the dole system. Yet is that really helpful?
I think it has a place but what I really want to see is people helping others improve their lives. Give direction, a helping hand or a leg […]

Superannuation just got more complex

Here we are at the start of a new financial year and once more, superannuation has become more complex.

At the heart of the changes, which came into effect on 1st July 2017, are more stringent limits on the amount of superannuation going in as contributions and also how much capital can be moved to […]

Superannuation Changes – advice required!

Superannuation Changes 1st July 2017 The changes are far reaching and further limit contributions for everyone as well as impose a limit on the amount of Pension assets you can have.   It has a bearing on Estate Planning and your Retirement St Strategy.  Taxation is impacted.  In short, now more than ever, professional […]

BREXIT – What it means for SMSF – Overview


What does “Brexit” mean for your SMSF?

The decision made by voters in the United Kingdom (UK) last week to leave the European Union (EU) – known as “Brexit” – has had an immediate and momentous impact on financial markets across the globe.  The UK leaving the EU is one of the most significant political […]

Emotions and Investing – how do you manage?


The above is worth a read.


We all know about our emotions yet how many of us are objective enough when it comes to investing?  Or any other financial decision?


Let me know what you think.

Superannuation loophole? If Budget measure passes…

The Coalition Government Budget of 2016 causes me much vexation on one front and yet sometimes we come up with a loophole to circumvent an issue…

The vexation is around the retrospective nature of the $500,000 lifetime limit of personal contributions (after tax money) and how unfair this is.  Simply, if a person had contributed […]

What is really going on?

Brexit.  South China Sea.  US Election.  Syria.  N Korea.  Shale oil.  Brazilian politics.  Putin.  Refugees.

These are among many issues that are plaguing our media pages and making it difficult to find some direction when it comes to investing your superannuation or non-super monies.

Yet are these really that important in the long run?

There are Strategic […]