There are thousands of advisers in Australia and elsewhere who practice the profession of financial advice. In my experience, most have a similar approach where fact finding is the first step to uncovering several issues and then strategies are built around the financial position to alleviate the issue if not solve it. Notice that this is around MONEY and ASSETS and not around the PERSON.
I have thought long and hard about what is best for clients yet never formalised the new approach until this week.
What if we examined the emotional side of our clients? What if, in our process, we find out what/who influenced them in order to get them to where they are? What if we find out what sort of person they want to be and what blocks them today?
Doing a course with Baz Gardner tipped me over the edge of my wall that I had built thinking about the problem of real client engagement. He allowed me to think differently and examine my own answers… thanks, Baz.

I have built a model of what I am now starting to implement in my practice and that model will be refined and the tools I use to really get to know my clients will no doubt improve and change. The bottom line for me is that I am fulfilled in my interactions with you. that means, using my knowledge and skills to help someone with an issue that they cannot do themselves or that they dont know where to start. From there, it is about mutually beneficial actions that may last a long time or may not. I would certainly prefer to remain a friend even if the business aspect of the relationship is no longer required. In fact, some of the solutions may not be done by me at all – rather they are performed by other professionals including other advisers such as solicitors accountants and real estate professionals. yes, I will hold the strings and manage the process to get you the best outcomes.

So, for those who have read my past two posts particularly, and have therefore felt that there might be a basis for connection… have a chat with me online or in person. Of course, bear in mind that whilst i am happy to meet anyone, I only do business with nice people. It is not hard to be a nice person in my eyes and I know almost immediately whether you are not so nothing to fear. In fact I would go further to say that only nice people will actually take the step anyway.