Helping people – is it important?
I see many people being helped by government to stay alive through the dole system. Yet is that really helpful?
I think it has a place but what I really want to see is people helping others improve their lives. Give direction, a helping hand or a leg up. Not a handout.
Is that too judgmental for you? Well, guess what… I am being judgmental or discriminating or any other word that fits. After all, if I am doing the helping, why not refine and assess just who is to be the beneficiary?
It is easy to hand out money and it can be rewarding, yet for me it is almost devoid of reward.
Doing something that actually inspires another person to act and take a step… now that is reward. When a child is learning to eat, we encourage and help them for a while. We don’t continue to feed them once they have mastered it.
So, for me, helping a fellow being is certainly about improving their life. It is likely a one-off thing like changing a tyre for a lady. It is not about doing the same thing for the same person over again.
It most certainly is about making a difference to a life, family, community. Kiwanis is a structured means of doing just that. Helping others, especially children and young people, locally and further afield, with a group of like-minded volunteers.
Sadly, there appears to be a shortage of good people willing to fill the void in many communities and part of what I do is generate interest in influencers so that awareness is lifted and people come together to join the cause and reap rewards of fellowship as well as the warmth within of making one life just that little bit better.
Want to join me?